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    Herb Lax — Do you need it?

    You be the Judge!

     It has been known by the natural healing profession for many years, and is recently being validated by medical physicans and surgeons, that well over 90% of degenerative disease conditions can be related directly to intestinal stasis—that is, a stagnant, fermenting condition within the bowels and related organs.  This problem doesn't necessarily correspond to actual known constipation.  A person can move his bowels many times a day and still be encumbered with decaying food materials, chemicals, parasites, mucus and dead cells, all of which contribute to the circulation and re-circulation of toxins throughout the whole body giving rise to an endless chain of "di-sease" conditions.

     When Energizing Soy Protein and Vita Lea or the RX for Healthy Living are introduced to a new person for the first time the body's response to the nutrition program is to start releasing stored toxins from the cells, and this process puts more stress on the organs of elimination ( Intestines,  Kidneys, Lungs, Liver and Skin) which are already malfunctioning from past intake of medications (legal or illegal), additives in food and drinks, refined, and processed and overcooked foods.  The result of all of factors could be that the person could have symptoms of nausea, weakness, headaches, rashes and fatigue.  To prevent these side-effects of detoxification Dr. Shaklee has produced Herb-Lax, a combination of nine different herbs that help detoxify the body through better elimination—and detoxification of the cells of the body.

     It is important to understand that herbs are not in any way related to the artificial colon cleansers promoted by over-the-counter medication manufacturers and TV ads.  Herbs do not act like ordinary laxatives that irritate the tissues and force the bowel to eject its contents, which actually weakens the organs and causes dependencies.

     Herbs, being food, nourish the bowel and related organs to strengthen them, so that they will function entirely on their own—effectively assimilating nutrients and eliminating waste materials.

     People using Herb-Lax for the first time get different results.  Some say they didn't notice any difference except that the bowel movement was larger.  Others have found themselves with diarrhea.  Those people often mistakenly assume that this diarrhea meals that their bowels are working too well – and so they stop using the Herb-Lax.  Actually, diarrhea may be a severe form of constipation.  The loosening of materials from the walls of the intestines gives the colon so much work to do that a "pile-up" prevents the fecal matter from moving on out.  All that gets through is liquid.  More Herb-Lax is needed often, to soften the waste.  Lots of water is needed to wash the waste materials through.

     It is difficult to say how many Herb-Lax an individual should use.  Most people regulate their own amounts to the level that gives them 2-3 soft, easy bowel movements daily.

     Those who are faithful in using Herb-Lax for internal cleanliness will get surprisingly good side benefits as the days, weeks and months go by.  These benefits include a better complexion, no headaches, no bad breath, little odor during bowel movements, plus more energy and clearer thinking.

     Ingredients found in Herb Lax:

     Rhubarb Root Powder:  This herb is important because the A-Factors in it differ from those of Cascara—only some of them reach the large intestines intact, while others are re-absorbed in the small intestine, and later released into the large intestine.  The timing of the absorption of Rhubarb is thus displaced to some degree from other agents in this formulation, thereby promoting longer and smoother activity of the whole.  Especially suited for children—since it is very mild in action.

     Blue Malva Flower Powder (Blue Mallow): A Remedy for Bronchitis and Cough.  Used for stomach inflammation, bladder problems and wounds.  It has been proven for upper respiratory irritation. 

     Culver's Root Powder:  An old-time American doctor's remedy for liver congestion with accompanying constipation.  Thus, it should be considered when compounding a formula for the liver, gallbladder, to treat constipation, colitis, gallstones and hepatitis.  Culver's Root has been used primarily in the past for treating liver disorders and constipation.

     Senna Leaf Powder:  Senna  contains ingredients that stimulate the colon.  It causes the muscles of the colon—the peristalsis that moves the waste through the body,  to work optimally.

     Buckthorn Bark Powder:  This powder produces very reliable results at moving waste from the cells of the body.  Buckthorn is used by raditional herbalists as a cancer treatment.  It shows some anti-tumor action.  It stimulates the colonic muscles that move waste out of the body.  Many people who do not have good abdominal muscle tone experience problems with constipation because of the lack of peristalsis.

     Licorice Root:  This herb has been used by the Chinese for over 5,000 years.  Used to treat coughs, sore throats, malaria, food poisoning, respiratory problems, liver and uterine complaints, fevers, inflammation, hoarseness, stomach problems and bladder and kidney ailments.

     It is used to rejuvenate the heart and spleen and as a treatment for ulcers, cold symptoms and skin disorders.  It is also used to treat adrenal insufficiencies such as hypoglycemia and Addison's Disease, counteracting stress and in purifying the liver and bloodstream.

     In Combination with other herbs (Herb Lax), it is also recommended as a demulcent to soothe mucous membranes and as an expectorant useful in treating flu, colds, respiratory disorders, Asthma and bronchitis.  Licorice Root is a time-honored remedy for arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory properties.  It stimulates the production of bile by the liver and can relieve stomach aches and ulcers.  Other impressive results have shown that it seems to act as an anti-depressant and inhibit the enzymes that cause tooth decay.  This root contains Vitamin E, B-Complex, Phosphorous, Lecithin, Manganese, Iodine, chromium and Zinc.

     Alfalfa (Leaf Powder):  This plant is known as the "Great Healer" and :Father of all Foods".  The health benefits attributed to Alfalfa are broad, with attributes ranging from the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis to the ability to cure stomach disorders; from stimulating the appetite to being an effective curative for diabetes.  The leaves are safe for use with people with all forms of auto-immune disorders, including Lupus.  However, the seeds and sprouts are not healthy for those people—as these parts contain a substance that causes exacerbations. (Shaklee Corporation only uses Alfalfa leaves in their Herb Lax and Alfalfa products—and they are not sprayed with any herbicdes, fungicides or pesticides.) The Primary properties of Alfalfa are considered to be the anti-inflammatory, diuretic, nutritive effects, along with stomach tonic, phytoestrogenic and overall tonic.  The plant, depending on where it is grown, contains any minerals available in the soil—very important that it is grown in a mineral-rich region of the world.  Chlorophyll, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, B-Complex, Calcium, copper, Phosphorus, Manganese, Iron, Zinc, Electrolytes, Fluorine, Isoflavones, Coumrains, Betaine, Alkaloids, and antioxidants.

     Alfalfa is a strong cell detoxifier, able to cleanse the liver and bloodstream.  It enhances pituitary functions as well as treating high fevers, inflamed prostate, and alleviating allergic reactions related to plants and grasses.  Alfalfa has been shown to inhibit the growth of some viruses.  (Shaklee Corporation makes available the only Alfalfa product we have found that only contains the leaves of the Alfalfa plant—sun-dried—with live enzymes and that is safe for use in people with Lupus.)

     Fennel Seed Powder:  Fennel Seeds are used most widely to relieve gas.  It works by relaxing muscles in the digestive and reproductive systems.  It is effective in relieving infant colic.Soothes indigestion, stimulates menstruation, cores colic.

     Anise Seed Powder: This herb eases griping, intestinal colic and flatulence.  It is used as an espectorant, and anti-spasmotic agent.  It is used in cases of bronchitis, in tracheitis where there is persistent irritable coughing and in whooping cough, and it removes nausea.




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